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Excel: Graphical Comparison Between Number of Cases and Deaths by Ebola

Ebola is not something to make fun about, but my mind was triggered by a chart I saw in a newspaper. I just wondered how to present the data in Excel.

This is what I created using Excel 2013:

The data I found in Wikipedia. I had to rearrange some:

Ebola Virus: Cases and VictimsNumberYearVirusCountryHuman DeathsCasesRate91976SUDVSudan15128453%31976EBOVZaire28031888%31977EBOVZaire11100%91979SUDVSudan223465%111988EBOVUnited Kingdom010%21994TAFVCôte d'Ivoire010%51995EBOVGabon325262%31995EBOVZaire24531777%11996EBOVCongo466274%51996EBOVGabon213168%71996EBOVRussia11100%102000SUDVUganda22442553%12001EBOVCongo9712478%12002EBOVCongo101191%52003EBOVGabon12814390%