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Excel: Chart With a Target Line Based on Just one Value Which Expands Automatically

Can you base a target line in a chart on just one value? Yes, you can! And will it expand dynamically? Yes, it will!

Here are the data and no, there is nothing hidden:

You can download the file ExcelGrafiekHerhaling.xlsx through

Excel: Gartner Magic Quadrant Made Easy

Gartner Magic Quadrant made easy: simply use a picture as background in a bubbel chart.

The given example is even easier to create in Excel 2013.

Here are the data:

Aap-22,65challengersNoot22,410leadersMies-2-15visionairiesWim2-15niche playersZus 11,310Jet-1-115ability to executeTeun115completeness of visionVuur-20,910Gijs-1-215Lam1-1,15Kees-11,410Bok-2-215
You can download the file ExcelGrafiekKwadrant2010.xlsx or ExcelGrafiekKwadrant2013.xlsxthrough

Excel: Chart with Background indicating Good, Moderate and Bad

Pretty easy to create: Excel chart with colored background, indicating good, moderate and bad:

All we need is this data:

and a combination of a line chart and a stacked bar. A stacked area chart could do the job just as well.

You can download the file ExcelGrafiekenAchtergrond.xlsx through

Excel: Chart With Line From One Side To The Other

At a course I got the question about a line in a chart. Isn't it possible to get a line from one side of the other? He was talking about the lower line which is an ordinary line chart.

So I used some tricks to change it. Now the upper line is like he asked.

You can download the file ExcelGrafiekdoorgetrokkenlijn.xlsx through