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Crystal Reports vs. SS RS / Report Builder: Dealing with Database Fields

Working on a Crystal Reports job and a Report Builder job at the same time lately. So time to continue my comparison of the two tools. This time the way how they deal with database fields. Which fields are used in the report? This is something indicated automatically by Crystal Reports : I simply have to look for the green checkmarks . In Report Builder I have no indication whatsoever, so I just have to look and look and look ... What is the field type? In Crystal Reports this is something you can simply switch on or of, Show Field Type : In Report Builder I have found no other way that to look it up in the database: Sorting the fields of large tables With large tables in can really speed things up when you can sort the field order. In Crystal Reports there is an option to do so: Sort Fields Alphabetically No such thing in Report Builder unfortunately. What kind of data does a field contain? In Crystal Reports you have th

Excel: Gauge/Meter With Two Pointers

In this example I created a meter or gauge with two pointers. The pointers can be changes by using the scroll bars at the sides. This example presents age and labour market participation in the Netherlands. You can download the file  ExcelDoublePointer.xlsx through