zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Crystal Reports: Pareto Analysis

Based on the tables Categories, Order_Details, Orders and Products from the Northwind database I created this example of a Pareto Analysis, the best I could get so far:

  • To get the percentage I first created a Running Total {#PercentageCum}on the field Order_Details.ProductID. 
  • Then I created a Formula Field Percentage:
{#PercentageCum}/Count ({Order_Details.ProductID})*100

  • This field I used in the report.
  • The initial column graph is based on change of Categories.CategorieName.
  • Values:
Count of Order_Details.ProductId
  • I linked the second series to the second Y-axis.
  • For this series I chose line graph instead of column and gave it the color red.
  • I turned the secondary Y-axis off (you can not use the field Percentage in the graph; so you can not show the real percentage on the Y-axis: Crystal Reports doesn't allow charts to use formulas that refer to running totals).
You can download the file here:

You can also download the file through this link:

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