woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Crystal Reports: graph based on just month names and no years

I based my example on the database Northwind using the tables Orders and Order_details.

I created a formula field Revenue:


and another one Monthname:

monthname(month({Orders.OrderDate}), true)

Based on those two formula fields I created the graph which then looks like this:
The problem is, it is then sorted on mont name in an alphabetical order (the month names are in Dutch by the way). The way I found to solve this problem is this.

  • Go tot the Chart Expert:

  • Click Monthname.
  • Click Order.
  • Choose In specified order.
  • Now, fill in all the names of the months like this.
  • Then click Others.
  • Click Discard all others.
  • Click OK twice.
Your graph will then end up like this, with the month names in the right order:

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