zondag 3 november 2013

Excel: Alternative to the Waterfall Chart?

In one of the Dutch newspapers I read, I saw this graph about ABN AMRO and some other banks the Dutch Goverment had to buy during the last years. Nicely styled. To me it looks like a nice alternative to the Waterfall Chart.

It needs some tricks to build this but it is not too difficult.

The data from A1:G6:

ABN AMRO: Amounts in Billions LineUpper LineLower
Cost Take over -28,0 1 #N/B
Loans -4,5 1 #N/B
Revenues Interest / repayment 2,6 #N/B -1
Dividend 0,6 #N/B -1
Balance Total amount -29,3 1 #N/B

You can also download the file graphABNAMRO.zip through this link:

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