zondag 10 november 2013

Crystal Reports: Column Chart Combined With Stacked Column Chart

In Excel I created a graph which combines a column chart with a stacked column chart. People liked the result. So I tried to do the same in Crystal Reports. Here is my idea:

The data come from a simple Excel sheet:

Year Total Amount Apples Pears Banana's
2004 495 155 165 175
2005 685 195 215 275
2006 900 275 300 325
2007 1110 275 350 485
2008 1200 300 400 500

To start with I chose a simple Stacked bar chart. I chose the data like this:

Once the graph was created I chose Chart Options -> Axis:

There I checked Dual Axes.

In the next tab, Multi-Axes:

Here I separated the columns over the two Y-axes.

In the tab, Data labels:

Here I checked Show data labels and as Labels location: Center

The colors I adjusted through Format series risers.
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