zaterdag 28 september 2013

Excel: double column, double X-axis; first solution

Here are the data, B3:G5:

til 18 til 30 til 50 til 80 til 100
Male 75 80 85 80 70
Female 60 65 70 65 60

I created two names.






The two real series (selected from the sheet) in the graph are:

C4:G4 and C5:G5

In between those two I put a name as a series: =Dubbelekolom!Tussen
And as last series: =Dubbelekolom!Totaal

Totaal is linked to the secondary axis and gets an extra X-axis, which I put at the top. As color I chose no color. As to color, the same goes for Tussen.

Both Y-axis should have a maximum of 160 and a minimum of 0. Then I deleted both Y-axis.

And of course, the color of Male should be blue, and Female pink.

Now the graph should look like this:

You can also download the file through this link:
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