vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

Excel: Which Graph To Show?

The question is how can somebody just pick the graph he/she wants to see without seeing the other graphs? Nice to have for your Excel dashboard.

Something like this:

How did I do this?

I created one sheet called graphs with three different graphs. Then I created three names One, Two and Three referring to a range containing the graphs One, Two and Three respectively. Like this:

one = graphs!$G$1:$O$16
two = graphs!$G$17:$O$33
three = graphs!$G$33:$O$48

On a second sheet called whichgraphtoshow in cell A2 I then created a picking list containing one, two and three.

Yet another name refers to this cell:

graphLookup =INDIRECT(whichgraphtoshow!$A$2)

On the same sheet I then inserted a picture. The picture refers to the name graphLookup

And it is all working!

You can download ExcelWhichGraphToShow.xlsx via:

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