woensdag 8 april 2015

Excel: Are PDF Converters Useful?

Ik was asked to look into a PDF converter for Excel. Reward: a free license. By the way, it can also be used to convert to other file types:

This one - a commercial product, on the market for over 10 years - is called Able2Extract. More information can be found via:


I use their own words about the product: The Advanced PDF to Excel conversion feature allows users to:
  • Correctly recognizes rows and columns inside every table locked in PDF format.
  • Users can choose to split or merge rows or columns pre-conversion based on their own criteria which can significantly save them time.
  • It is possible to convert only selected part of the table.
So i ran a simple test. I converted an Excel temperature tabel to PDF:

I then used the converter to get the data back to Excel. I simply selected all data and pressed Excel => convert:

As you can see, something went wrong with the first column, but that could be easily adjusted. By the way, simply copy/paste did put all the data in just one A column. So, it would have saved me time. The point is, I pretty rarely convert PDF data to Excel. On the other hand, the next time I will look for a converter!

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